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  • Children Of Fallen Riders

    Children Of Fallen Riders

    Soul-to-Soul and TechJaws together are raising money to support Children of Fallen Riders, an upcoming charity event being held on September 13th, in Fox Lake Illinois, called The Magic Carpet Ride. Bikers come from many […]

  • NASCAR Blogroll Challenge

    NASCAR Blogroll Challenge

    Today at 2:19 PM EDT, the boys of summer will be racing at the super fast Talladega Speedway. The Grid is set for the Aaron’s 499. How to enter: Pick 5 cars, and the person […]

  • Being in the Spotlight Feels Good

    We all love attention, but what if that attention translated into being mentioned on popular news sites? It really did happen and I was very surprised. On April Fools Day we served up our own […]

  • TechJaws Logo Contest

    You’re absolutely free to take any design direction you wish just keep one thing in mind: The designs have to be unique and not published before. We will unleash TJ on you if we find […]

  • Biggest Buzz of 2008

    We started out in May 2008, but have blogged since mid 2007. Since May 2008 we have posted over 500 blogs with over 4100 comments. What will 2009 bring? We will work even harder to […]

  • Get Your Tech On!

    Everyday I search the internet reading through technology blogs and noticed something really amazing, no I have not discovered the new internet. I have discovered that there aren’t many female tech bloggers. Just let me […]