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  • The Queen of Conservatives

    It’s healthy now and then to take a look at the lunatic fringe…sometimes it even provides some comic relief. With that I’d like to introduce the latest book by Ann Coulter: “Guilty”. Don’t get me […]

  • Alice Cooper Would be Proud Obama

    Alice Cooper Would be Proud Obama

    As quoted by the media “No More Mr. Nice Guy“, Obama rallied House Democrats and rip Republican opponents of his recovery package Thursday night – at one point openly mocking the GOP for failing to […]

  • Obama is in the Zune not Mac

    Obama is in the Zune not Mac

    President elect seems to be a Big Mac fan, but he is reportedly working out in the gym with a Zune. City Paper reporter Neal Santos broke the scandalous story earlier this week, after spotting […]

  • Government Bailout Solution or Problem

    First it was the financial industry, and now the Detroit automakers are waiting on relief from the government. What’s next? What about those retail businesses that have been operating since the depression, are we to say […]

  • Telephone Companies Support Open Internet

    It’s our internet and it should remain open and widely available throughout the United States. I am not sure if the new government will agree with this, but the telephone companies do. The Obama administration […]