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  • Google Adsense Disabled – WTF?

    Google Adsense Disabled – WTF?

    I was an Adsense publisher for almost 7 years and last month my revenue tripled with no uptick in traffic that would suggest why my revenue was up. Guess what? My account was disabled. Google […]

  • Through the Google Glass

    Through the Google Glass

    You know that you’ve made it as a pop-culture subject when you get lampooned on NBC venerable sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live. If you watched the show recently, you saw Fred Armisen in character demonstrating […]

  • Google+ Use it or Lose!

    Google+ Use it or Lose!

    If you can’t beat them, join them, but not in this case. Google, the world leader in everything online has been making many changes to its recipe or in this case, its algorithm (Penguin 2). […]

  • SEO Myths

    SEO Myths

    For many web users, Search Engine Optimization is still a mysterious concept which cannot be fully grasped. Consequently, there are many misconceptions out there concerning SEO. Here are some of the myths you need to […]

  • Google Panda Survival Tips

    Google Panda Survival Tips

    Google Panda has caused a lot of anxiety and apprehension amongst online communities, especially small businesses that rely heavily on web traffic to generate their revenues. Nonetheless, in spite of the impact that Google Panda […]