Can’t Log-in on vBulletin Forums Quick Fix

by on 12/07/2012 in Software, VBulletin

Last week, CPanel applied a security patch across many host company servers. This patch apparently caused behavioral issues that prevented members of the popular forum software to log-in. Many members on my forum running 3.8.x have complained as well stating that after they logged in, the forum didn’t show them logged in and they couldn’t post or reply to threads. It some cases it would take several attempts to successfully log-in.Can’t Log-in to vBulletin Forum Quick Fix

I have read that Bluehost, Hostgator and some other popular hosting companies are experiencing the same issue for customers who host vBulletin forums. I have submitted a ticket to Bluehost stating the issue and when it started to occur. Apparently Bluehost is well aware of the issue and it’s being investigated. There’s a quick fix for this log-in issue on vBulletin forums.

Can’t Log-in on vBulletin Forums Quick Fix

  1. Log-in to your Admin CP
  2. Navigate to vBulletin Options
  3. Click and open vBulletin Options
  4. Navigate to Cookies and HTTP Header Options
  5. Scroll to the bottom under Add No-Cache HTTP Headers and select “Yes”
  6. Click Save

Note: Selecting yes will cause vBulletin to add no-cache HTTP headers. These are very effective, so adding them may cause server load to increase due to an increase in page requests. If you have a large community with many active members you may notice performance issues with page loads. My forums are small with around 30 active members and I haven’t noticed any performance issues.

Don’t forget to notify your host company about this issue.

4 Responses to “Can’t Log-in on vBulletin Forums Quick Fix”

  1. Rehmat

    Dec 23rd, 2012

    Sorry for a slight different question. I also run CPanel for my WordPress website. 2 days before, I re-installed WordPress and now often getting a 503 (service unavailable) error. May it also caused due to that patch? Please guide.

    • Frank Jovine

      Dec 26th, 2012


      Search forums about this issue you’re having. It is more than likely you will find an answer.

  2. Freddy Ramirez

    Dec 26th, 2012

    Was looking for a way to fix this issue, thanks. Too bad that the fix increases server load, but I guess that won’t be a problem if boards aren’t huge.

  3. Bart Salinas

    Dec 29th, 2012

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