Buffalo LinkStation Mini Reviewed

by on 06/26/2008 in Hardware

A Tech Jaws thumbs up!

Ultra Compact. Ultra Silent. Ultra Reliable.

Buffalo’s LinkStation Mini™ is all that with its ultra compact style and more. The BLM is fan-less, network attached, and a dual-drive data storage device. Its palm sized form factor and very silent operation make this NAS unit ideal for storage and sharing. Its low power consumption is attractive for those leaving the unit powered on 24/7.

The built-in Web Access feature lets you access your files anytime via a Web browser from anywhere! A built-in DLNA CERTIFIED™ media server makes streaming audio and visual content to any DLNA player or PC a snap.

Business class features like Active Directory support make this portable NAS a good solution for IT personnel that has to serve remote office locations.

The Buffalo LinkStation Mini also comes in a 1 TB version. Great price for this massive storage unit with Shared Network Storage capabilities!

Product Specs:

Buffalo LinkStation Mini (500GB)
Manufacturer: Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc.
Part number: LS-WS500GL/R1
Product Description: Buffalo LinkStation Mini LS-WS500GL/R1 – NAS server
Total Storage Capacity: 500 GB
Compatibility: PC, Mac
Connector type: RJ-45, 4 pin USB Type A
Hard drive size: 250 GB
Hard drive type: Standard
Interface type: Serial ATA-150
Data link protocol: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
Spindle speed: 5400 rpm

Price: $254.49 at Amazon.

Visit Buffalo to read more on the Buffalo LinkStation Mini here.

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