Beware of McDonalds Free Gift Card Phishing Scam

by on 10/04/2011 in Scams & Hoaxes, Security

There’s an email claiming to give away a free $100 McDonalds gift card just by providing personal information such as; your full name, address, phone, date of birth and gender. This is a phishing scam out to steal personal information from users and to use that information for unlawful activity. The website ( is dangerous and has a poor reputation rating by the Web of Trust community.

McDonalds Free Gift Card Phishing Scam

What I found strange and somewhat bizarre is that they offer a bonus in addition to the McDonalds gift card. To get the bonus, just enter your cell phone number.

Here’s exactly what is printed on the site – “Find hot women to text with in your area – enter your cell phone number to start

Wow, a free gift card at McDonalds where I can take my hot women!

If you receive an email like the one stated above, mark as spam and delete it!

5 Responses to “Beware of McDonalds Free Gift Card Phishing Scam”

  1. ashley

    Oct 10th, 2011

    Thank you for sharing this great info..I hope a lot become aware of this..Keep on posting great info..

  2. Stephen Jack

    Oct 12th, 2011

    You know I consider those spammers very creative persons because of the way they think to scam people and create new ideas. They are just proceeding in the wrong direction i swear if some of them change their direction they can surely do well than Obama administration.

  3. Is this ur opinion ?
    I mean u believe it yourself ?
    I like it very much.
    Try to post more about this.

  4. Rob Benwell

    Oct 20th, 2011

    It’s good that everyone is now aware about this scam. Everyone should safeguard their ownselves against this. Do not give your own personal info. especially to strangers.

    • Frank Jovine

      Oct 21st, 2011


      I agree strongly. If you don’t know who and you’re not aware of the brand, never fork over personal information!