Beware of Facebook Credits Scam

by on 04/25/2011 in Facebook, Scams & Hoaxes, Security

There’s a chat message going around about getting 500 Facebook credits free. If you receive such a message like the image below, don’t click on the link. The message is not being sent from your friend, it’s from a program that has permission to send messages from your friends account. This scam can easily fool people, because it looks like a friend is sharing something with you.

If a user clicks on the link in the chat box, they will go to a web site that is rated dangerous and can possibly infect your computer with viruses, Trojans and or Malware.

I received this message about 30 minutes ago and confirmed with my friend that they didn’t send it.Facebook 500 Credits Scam

It’s a good thing I have my WOT (Web of Trust) add-on installed. The WOT add-on proactively provides ratings for links shared on Facebook. If a link is rated as dangerous, it will show a red circle as indicated in the image to the right. If you don’t have the WOT add-on, I recommend you download it for Firefox and or IE.

You should also advise your friend about the message that’s being sent from their account without their knowledge or consent. I am sure Facebook will quarantine this scam soon. In the meantime, please share this information with your friends and family so they don’t get scammed.

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10 Responses to “Beware of Facebook Credits Scam”

  1. Bunnygotblog

    Apr 25th, 2011

    Hi Frank,
    I was on FB this afternoon and had 3 messages from different profiles, saying “if I wanted to know who is looking at my profile download this apt”.

    I didn’t do it.

    I haven’t received anything about a credits scam.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Frank Jovine

      Apr 25th, 2011


      Just be careful in what apps you allow. FB is a criminals playground.

  2. Campervans

    Apr 26th, 2011

    I’ve never heard of WOT before, but it sounds useful. Off to download it now, thanks!

    • Frank Jovine

      Apr 26th, 2011

      You will be smarter if you do!

  3. Zara

    Apr 26th, 2011

    So it was all true that my friend’s credit card was hacked. I wouldn’t believe my friend if I hadn’t read this. Now I know why. Thanks for the warning.

    • Frank Jovine

      Apr 26th, 2011


      It is about the Facebook credits unless your friend handed over her credit card to an unauthorized person who distributes FB credits.

  4. John

    Apr 26th, 2011

    I have received couple of those! What to believe now days?

  5. Nasif

    Apr 26th, 2011

    Girls are more likely to be affected by it. I have some female friends who got their account hacked

  6. Jon

    Apr 26th, 2011

    Thanks for the heads up! WOT is great and Facebook is scary o_O

  7. Sam Orchard

    May 13th, 2011

    Saw this a while ago and resisted the urge to click. I’m glad I did :)