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There’s an email purporting to be from COSTCO, claiming that your next Purchase at Costco is FREE! This is a phishing scam out to collect personal identifiable information to be sold to other 3rd party marketers and or other illegal activities including identity theft.

The email “from” address is not a COSTCO email address which makes this very suspicious. The email comes from costco.rewards@supervisitsite.com. In addition to the bogus email, if recipients click on the link in the email it will open a web page that has a very poor reputation by the Web of Trust community. The web site tries to fool users that they will receive this special promotion if they fill out a form. The registration form collects personally identifiable information using the unsecured protocol HTTP (as opposed to using HTTPS). This means your information is not secured.

The site asks 3 questions, and no matter how you answer the questions, you will qualify for a $500 gift card from COSTCO.

Actual Email



Your next Purchase at Costco is FREE!!!
You have been selected to receive a Costco Customer Loyalty Gift Card!

[START HERE] Hyperlink removed

Gift card may be used in-store or online!

Actual Web Page Content
 COSTCO Rewards Scam
If you receive an email about “Your Next Purchase at Costco is FREE!!!” mark the email as spam and delete it.


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