Backup Gmail to Thunderbird and Import Gmail MBOX to Thunderbird

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Are you one of them who want to know a method to backup Gmail to Thunderbird? Have you become tired of searching for a relevant approach to perform this task? If yes, then do not worry at all. As we have come up with a unique way to import Gmail to Thunderbird. However, before that let us consider the importance of backup in brief.

Significance of Data Backup

Security and safety of data is very important. Every organization or user wants to keep the data safely. This is because; the loss of data is unplanned and can happen anytime. Some of the reasons behind this are the corruption in the database, accidental deletion of it, etc. It ultimately generates the need of backup of the data.

By creating a backup of data Gmail to Thunderbird, it becomes very easy to restore it at the time of emergency. Moreover, the backup of Gmail emails is very important, as it is the top most choice of users to execute cross-communication. Now, after knowing the importance let us move to the method to create it without wasting the time.

Strategy to Backup Gmail to Thunderbird

Now, the entire process consists of two steps to take the backup of Gmail data to Mozilla Thunderbird:

Step 1: Export Gmail Emails in MBOX

Step 2: Import Gmail MBOX into Thunderbird

Let us begin with systematic procedure for the accomplishment of this process.

Step 1: In this process, you can export the Gmail mailbox as MBOX. In order to do this, you can take the help of Google Takeout. This is free utility provided by Microsoft. Now, users to need to follow certain steps to create MBOX files with this:

  • In case you want to download, choose message and start your Google Mail by giving a label
  • Now, click on “Select None”
  • Then, go to “Mail” and hit on gray X available in the right
    • In case, you wish to download only specific emails, click on “All Mail”
    • Mark “Select Labels”
    • Check labels, which tag emails you wish to download
  • Click on Next
  • Do not modify the file type and click on “Create Archive”
  • This zip folder will be received by you through you chosen delivery approach

Note: The process will take some time according to the number of emails that are chosen. Moreover, the downloading of files takes time as per the internet connection.

Now, as it has some limitations then the other way to do this is by using a relevant third party tool i.e. Gmail Backup. With this, it is very easy to export the data of Gmail in MBOX format within some few clicks. Moreover, the entire data remains intact.

Step 2: Import Gmail MBOX to Thunderbird

It is not possible to perform this task manually; this ultimately leads to the need of third party tool. Now, choosing a trustworthy software is very important, therefore, it is suggested to use SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard. It is designed to add MBOX file to Thunderbird and many professionals have accepted this tool. The tool permits to migrate MBOX emails along with the attachments. It can perform the task in bulk. Any MBOX file can be moved with the help of this utility. In addition, it is compatible with all Windows Operating System. Now, to accomplish the task some steps need to be followed as mentioned below:

Steps to Import Gmail MBOX into Thunderbird

  • To begin the process, launch Thunderbird Import wizard software on your machine
  • Click on the option of “Add File(s)”/“Add Folder” option as per the requirement
  • If you hit on “Add File”, you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

Note: With this option, you can add multiple MBOX files

  • First, select the file(s) that you wish to add and then on Open
  • Select the option of Apply Filter and then hit on Set button
  • Now, pick the option of Date Filter if essential
  • Then, choose to Select the identities. There is also an option of Maintain Folder Hierarchy, put a mark on it if required. (It is an optional option)
  • Once you have done with this, click on “Import”
  • The tool will create progress report will generate the progress report of the process and the complete report as well. click on OK to exit
  • You can even save the report by clicking on Save Report option and after this, pick the location to store it
  • Finally, all imported MBOX files within Mozilla Thunderbird will be displayed on your machine.
  • While, if you have picked the option of “Add Folder”, then follow these steps:

Note: With this option, you can choose multiple folders

  • First, select the desired folder(s), which contains MBOX data and then click on OK
  • You can view all the folders that are chosen by you, click on Next
  • Then, hit on Apply Filter to apply filters, which is followed by a click on Set
  • Now, select Date Filter option if required
  • Next, Select the identities & place a check mark on Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • To initiate the process of importing, hit on Import
  • You can see a confirmation report once the process is completed. Click on OK
  • To save the report follow the same procedure, as you have done in “Add File” option
  • Finally, all the MBOX files will be displayed in Thunderbird profile.

To Wrapping It UP

After considering the need and importance of backup, we have introduced a most popular way to execute the process. By using this method, it becomes so easy to backup Gmail to Thunderbird. Users can fully rely on this above-mentioned trick and complete the procedure successfully.

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