There is an array of excellent customer relationship management (CRM) apps that small business owners can use to provide exceptional customer service. Location is irreverent when using mobile CRM apps because they exist on electronic devices. Incorporating electronic devices and corresponding apps can significantly increase the efficiency of a small business.Apps That Can Improve Customer Relations

Primadesk App for Content Management 

Primadesk is an excellent app for managing the cloud content of a small business. It is a free app. Primadesk users can search, view, manage and backup all their cloud content from any device. The app supports drag and drop documents and photos between the internet and desktop. Primadesk users can also backup photos, emails and documents from various websites.

MyCyberTwin App for Productivity 

MyCyberTwin is an app designed to benefit small businesses that are very dependent on the customer service they provide. The app allows customers or a business owner to create a virtual intelligent human being. The virtual intelligent human being can be added to a website and can interact with website visitors. Usage of the app is free for the first thirty days for business users. After thirty days it costs $25 a month.

Intacct App for Financial Management 

Intacct is an app that provides a multitude of accounting tools for a small business. Different financial tools are available via the app including a general ledger, accounts receivable, cash management, etc. The app also helps users move their information from QuickBooks into the app, if necessary. At $400 a month the app is quite expensive to acquire, but the amount of tools that are in it can really organize and expedite the financial aspects of a small business.

CrashPlan Pro App for Backup 

CrashPlan Pro is an excellent app for backing up any files related to a small business. The app operates in the background of laptops and desktops for continuous backups. Backed-up files and information can be sent to external hard drives or cloud. With a simply interface, it is an easy to use app and can prevent the loss of important data.

SysAid IT Help Desk App for Customers 

SysAid IT Help Desk is a good app for any small business to have. It costs less than $5 a month per user, but provides a helpful web-based help desk and asset management for potential customers. The app can significantly lessen the time it takes to generate problem or question resolutions.

All of the mobile CRM apps mentioned above are excellent. However, there are many more apps available that can really help a small business owner expand their business operations. Doing additional research is the best way to find the most beneficial apps for any particular kind of small business.