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How to remove Tap SnakeIf you downloaded this so-called game Tap Snake for Android, you just opened a door to spy on your current location. Just like what GPS is intended to do, it now comes in the form of a game.

The Tap Snake game has two hidden features. The first annoying feature is that the game won’t exit. Once installed, it runs in the background forever, and restarts automatically when you boot the phone. And secondly, every 15 minutes the game secretly reports the GPS location of the phone to a server.

GPS SPY is a simple mobile spying tool and only costs $4.99. When bought, the application advises you to download and install the “Tap Snake game” to the phone you want to spy on. During installation, the game is registered with a keycode to enable spying. This means that the spy has to have physical access to the phone he wants to spy on.

How to remove Tap Snake

F-Secure Mobile Security 6 for Android protects Android handsets against GPS SPY and Tap Snake. The detection name is called Android.Tapsnake.

To install F-Secure Mobile Security to your phone, visit f-secure.mobi on your handset.

We expect Google to remove Tap Snake from Android Market soon.

Source: F-Secure


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  1. Thanks for spreading out the GPS Spy application news. Sure will alert Android friend do not install this Tap Snake in future

  2. This is great if you want to track a partner you don’t trust but kidding aside how can these cyber criminals be so high tech? There is real danger to this especially to those using an Android phone. I really hope they remove it asap.