Optimizing your Android mobile devices with notification features will maximize your Smartphone usage experience. But there are more than just getting a notification alert when an email reaches your Inbox or receiving a sound alert for incoming text messages or calls. There are different applications for Android that could offer a more powerful tool for notification with these 7 Android Apps that you should have on your Android phone.7 Best Android Apps

1. Speaktoit Assistant

You can have a virtual assistant directly on your mobile phone with this mobile application. This is the counterpart of Siri in iPhones that could provide you with notifications on important tasks and events.  Using this app makes your routine easier and convenient. It can search the web for the information you need, launch apps, and use various social media services. It is an intelligent assistant that you can take with you anywhere you go to ensure that you won’t miss important meetings and projects by giving you a voice notification.

2. Quickly

This is a robust notification tool for Android devices that can also perform other tasks like sending a message directly to your contacts, place a call to your contacts, save a URL and other applications that are available with shortcuts that you can access directly from your notification drawer. All its functions are available from a one to three lines of shortcut icons that you can expand for instant viewing of your notifications. You will not find the application running in your device’s background and it can only use up about 800 KB of your phone memory. Quickly however is not a free notification app for Android.

3. Notishare

If you use social media sites heavily and don’t want to miss the latest news and updates about your friends, NotiShare is a good notification app to use on your Android device. It comes with a powerful feature of notifying you about the activities on your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook without the need of accessing your accounts separately. It also comes with Google + feature. It is also highly customizable. While you integrate different social media accounts, you can select one as your favorite so that each time you tap on the notification icon it will display your favorite account on the notification counter. You can enjoy an expandable notification with the application if you are using Android 4.1 and higher on your device.

4. Notify My Android (NMA)

You can supercharge your notification services and features using this application optimized for Android. It comes with an intuitive feature that can push notifications on any of the applications you are using for your Android device. It has an easy to use API keys that can be integrated smoothly with the other downloaded applications on your device. It can also bring notifications about your social media account activities. If you want to keep all notifications from the different applications running on your device in one place, then you can use the feature of NMA where it can push the notifications available on different programs running on your device in a single place.

5. Status Agenda

If you are concerned about not missing any events and important agendas that you have, this notification app for Android can offer you the solution. Locate all your important tasks, events and schedules in a single application and it can easily be synced with your Google calendar for easy reference of your other schedules. However it comes with a limited feature when used on an Android phone 4.0. You can enjoy its expandable feature on Android 4.1 by simply swiping your two fingers from the top to the bottom in a single swipe.

6. Notable

If you are looking for a notification application for your Android device with an easy feature to use, Notable is a good option. All you need to do is to type your note from the application to create your notification and it will be displayed on your notification area. This is an effective way of reminding you about important agenda, appointments, events and activities in plain view. The application is a simple tool designed to simplify the creation of your reminders and notifications. It does not use up so much of your phone memory and does not disturb your current phone activities as the notification runs in an overlay. It can also become a powerful tool with added features like a desk clock extension, voice recognition shortcut, swipe to remove the reminder and many others like syncing with Google task.

7. Notifier Pro

This is an Android notification app that comes with a lot of customizable features. This mobile tool allows you to prioritize your reminders, change icons, add a title on your notification, write a message, add images and create a list on your device. It comes with a fun feature of note to self voice action through Google Now. Launching and dismissing the application is as easy as swiping your finger on the mobile screen. There are customizable themes too that you can use in order to change the look of the app as often as you want to.

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