Are you a parent, a guardian or a teacher who wants to gift his or her students with a good and reliable printer? If yes, then this is a post worth reading. With the endless research projects, term papers and thesis that students have to do in school, it would be amazing to have access to a printer. Because of this, you will have really worn the hearts of many by deciding to buy a printer for your students.

The challenging part however, is that there are different printers in the market; the inkjet, laser and the multifunction printers. And with so many options, finding a printer that meets the needs of your students can be a daunting task. That is why we are here; to give some useful tips to help you find a good printer for your students. So, keep reading…

  • Check on the printer’s paper handling – When you are buying a printer for students, you have to keep in mind the fact that these students have a lot of paper work they need to deal with every day. So you need to find a printer that can hold at least a hundred sheets of paper at a go. In fact, buying a printer that has more than one paper tray would be a great idea because it will save time that would otherwise be wasted refilling the paper tray.
  • Check if the printer has duplex printing benefits – When it comes to printing costs, duplexing is one of the best ways to cut down on printing costs. A duplex printer will print on both sides of the paper and at the end of the day, you will save more paper and end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

So, with this type of printer, you don’t need to turn the paper and put it back on the paper tray for you to print on the other side. There are automatic double printing printers that allow you to print on both pages without having to turn the paper. Though, for you to be able to get duplex printing, you must check if your printer has an automatic reverse document feeder that is meant to duplex scan and print.

  • Check the printer speed –When buying a printer, especially one for some heavy paper work, you must consider the printer’s pages per minute (PPM) or copies per minute (CPM) like it is indicated on different printers. The higher the number of copies or pages, the higher the printer speed. And since you are interested in a printer most loved by students, you have to find a printer that will print hundreds of copies in the shortest time possible.
  • Consider the printer’s operating costs–Since your printer will be printing so much paper work on a frequent basis, you must consider how much you will be spending on repairs. For example, the ink cartridges and toners tend to wear off very fast if the printer is active, and replacing them can be quite costly. This is therefore something that you have to consider before buying your students a printer.

From the experts’ point of view, it is necessary for you to take some time to find out the cost of printing papers, the cartridges and the toner as well so that you can have a rough idea of how much you will be spending when you need them replaced.

  • Find a printer that offers touch screen display of commands – In this day and age, no one wants to waste time trying to figure out where they need to press for the printing to begin. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are printers that have touch screen LCD displays making it easy for the user to navigate and input data.
  • Get a printer that fits your budget – If you get a high quality printer that fits your budget, good for you! If you don’t, do not give up just yet. There are different printers out there that vary when it comes to their pricing. All you need to do is be patient and broaden your search. If possible, ask your close ones where you can get good students’ printers at affordable prices.

In conclusion, it all comes down to what your needs are. So, use the above tips as your guidelines to finding the best printer for your students. And if you are buying your printer online, ensure that you go to a reliable and trusted online store.