5 Factors That Can Affect the Performance of an Android App

by on 09/18/2017 in Android, Apps

Mobile app development is a lot different from desktop website development. While the desktop users almost always have access to high-speed internet and interact with the UI using a mouse, the mobile users don’t always have unlimited bandwidth and they use fingers while using an app. Android is the leading mobile OS right now, thus, many app developers are creating apps for Google Play Store to earn money. If you are moving from the world of website development to Android app development, there is a possibility of making mistakes during the app development process that will slow down your app’s performance. Let’s take a look at some of those mistakes.

An app that requires high bandwidth: Major parts of Europe and America may have moved to 4G internet and 1GBPS broadband speed, but not everyone around the world has access to high-speed data. Besides, mobile data packages are very costly even in developed nations. Hence, you must make sure that the content of your app is lightweight and will consume as less data as possible. If you have developed an e-commerce website, then you can compress the images so that they don’t lose the quality, but load faster even if the user has slow internet connection. Android gives your app local resource allocation called the “heap space” and although many mobiles come with 64 GB or 128 GB internal storage these days, you should be careful about local space management. In case you find out that images or other elements are consuming too much of the “heap space”, identify the culprit and solve the issue.

UI elements are not touch-friendly: When people use an app they use their fingertips to move around and our fingers are much bigger than a mouse pointer. Therefore, you should make sure that everything in the UI is large enough to tap. The buttons should be bigger, the font size should be large for better readability, and the menus should offer intuitive options to decrease the learning curve.

Consume too much battery: Any average smartphone user will certainly have at least 20-30 apps on his smartphone. Some of these apps drain the battery juice slowly throughout the day due to the background processes they run. For instance, a weather app runs the GPS and weather data in the background constantly to provide latest weather update. However, unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t run the processes in the background even when the phone is idle. If a user notices that your apps reduced his phone’s battery life substantially, he will simply uninstall it. If you want to get a job in a mobile app development company in Mumbai, you can’t afford to make such mistakes.

Not testing your app on different screens: Android runs on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. The screen size can be as small as 2.5 inches for smartphones and as big as 10 inches for tablets. It is crucial to check your app’s layout on different screen sizes before publishing it on the Play Store.

Supporting very old versions of Android OS: In the Play Store, you have to mention the oldest version of Android OS that your app can support. If your app supports very old versions such as Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, it will make the app’s coding cumbersome and pave way for bugs. Instead, you should support the latest versions such as Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo to avoid glitches in the code. Besides, people simply upgrade their phones if the manufacturer does not provide OS upgrades. So, you can be sure that maximum people will be able to use your app even if you don’t support outdated OS versions.


If you are new in the field of Android app development then avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article. Your main goal is to create an app that loads faster, looks attractive, and helps users take the necessary actions within the shortest period of time.

Author Bio: Harris Scott is a well-established digital marketer with one of the leading mobile application development companies. He has extensive knowledge in social marketing.

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