Got a new smartphone? Then it is time to spend on some stylish accessories and turn your phone into a multi-functional device. It doesn’t matter how many in-built features you phone offers, you can always make them better by spending a little extra on the right accessories. There is no dearth of smart accessories in the market that either complement or enhance the existing features of your Android or iPhone handset. Here is 5 essential phone accessories to enhance your smartphone in 2018.

  • Ensure an unlimited supply of power with a Power Bank

If you like to spend hours with your phone then a Power Bank is undoubtedly a must-have phone accessory. The more you use your phone as a dynamic multi-functional device, the more power backup you’ll need. Nothing’s worse than the situation when you realize that your phone has run out of power and there is no socket to charge the battery. A Power Bank can be a true lifesaver in those nightmarish moments. It is also going to be your perfect traveling companion. You can buy a portable and rechargeable Power Bank at a very cheap price. If you want our suggestion, Xiaomi Mi Power (10400mAh) is a product that is absolutely worth buying and totally affordable.

  • External Lenses to turn yourself into a professional photographer

In recent years, smartphones with high-quality in-built cameras have totally revolutionized the field of digital photography. With more and more people turning towards smartphones for photography, the clip-on external lenses for mobile cameras are fast emerging as one of the most popular and useful phone accessories. These lenses come in all sizes and varieties – zoom, macro, fish-eye, wide and others. If you are tight on budget, go for a combo 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 lens kit instead of buying each type of lenses separately. VicTsing Magnetic Detachable 4-in-1 Lens Kit, with its telephoto, fish-eye, wide and macro lenses, is certainly a product to check out. They guarantee an extremely versatile photography experience and professional quality photos.

  • Use your smartphone like a PC – buy a Wireless Keyboard

Every day, more and more people are beginning to use their smartphones for personal computing. Many of us use our phones to write a report, compose long emails, take notes at classes and conferences or even write various creative pieces. For all these activities which involve a good amount of typing- the technique of thumb typing can be really tiring and therefore a bit unfit for the purpose. A physical keyboard is what you specifically need on those occasions. Buy a folding Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with your Android or other smartphone handset and type away! These are small, easy-to-carry-around devices run by rechargeable batteries. 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is a product worth recommending. It has a unique tri-fold design and a great battery life.

  • Protective external case

This is probably the first smartphone accessories which most people invest on immediately after buying their phones. Having a solid external case for your phone is of utmost importance if you don’t want to risk breaking or scratching your device. Like any other things of daily use, phones are prone to drops which often results in scratching of the screen. The cases will not just protect your phone from accidental drops but also give a whole new look to your phone.  If you want to avoid spending hundreds of bucks on a shattered display then considering buying a good phone case from a reliable manufacturer like Otterbox or Spigen. If you’re not keen on these generic cases then head over to a service like where you can design and make custom phone cases with text and artwork. The have can cater to a number of brands such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhones and HTC phone cases.

  • Love music? A Bluetooth Speaker is a must-have

If you are one of those persons who like their music loud then its time for you to order a Bluetooth speaker. A tiny, portable speaker comes in handy especially when you are outdoors. If it’s a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll need no cables and wires which means a totally hassle-free experience. There are a great number of Bluetooth speakers for phones that come in various attractive designs and with affordable price tags. Zealot’s 4-in1 Waterproof Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a unique product that is worth checking out. It is not simply a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, but a multi-utility product that also serves as a FM Radio set and a powerful flashlight torch. In addition, the gadget has a 3000 mAh rechargeable battery to serve as a Power Bank and ensure that you never run out of power.

So hurry! Buy some or all of these unique phone accessories and begin 2018 with an amazing phone experience!

Author Bio: When not blogging about tech trends James is busy juggling a job in online marketing with taking care of his boisterous dog Charlie and launching, a custom phone case business.