Android 4.1 dominates the market of Android devices today. However, it seems impossible for Google to stop moving forward. New version of Android is expected to be introduced somewhere in November. If the rumors are true, Android 5.0 will get a Key Lime Pie name.

Key Lime Pie is going to get all the possible improvements that previous version have been criticized for. Just because there were no official statements about the features of Android 5.0 we can just conjecture or suggest to the developers some interesting features. So, let’s start.5 Desired Features for Android 5.0

1) Multiple device support

The first steps in this direction have already been made by Google before; however, the productivity level isn’t as high as the consumer would like to have. Android is the most popular mobile OS system in the world, even more popular than iOS, and there are lots of people who own several Android-based devices and they want to have a full synchronization of applications (music, video streaming, messages, etc.) installed.

2) Introduction of Performance Profiles

Today Android has only sound profiles like “General”, “On the Meeting”, etc. However for example before going to bed people should turn off Wi-Fi, sound, shut off the apps and so on. They do it every day, manually. So why not to introduce the performance profiles that would be very convenient in such cases.

3) Multiselection in contacts

Even though contacts in Androids have some very functional features, they lack one very important – users can’t select several contacts, for example, to email. You need to do everything manually, one by one. So, to my mind, the possibility to make a mailing list selecting several contacts will be very good improvement for Android Key Lime Pie.

4) Video Chatting

It is a common thing for up-to-date smartphones to have two cameras: front and back. They are supposed to be used for video chatting (thanks God, the today’s mobile Internet speed allows it) but Google’s Androids don’t provide the necessary software solutions for making video calls. And users should download third-party apps to perform these actions.

5) Socializing

Even though Google give high praise to social networks, it even has its own – Google +, but the initial versions of Android OS lack integrated social apps. Phone manufacturers try to close this hole delivering smartphones with modified, “socialized” version of Android. But I believe it would be better for Android development to present such feature by itself.

Besides the mentioned possible features, Google may surprise us by adding some revolutionary technological solutions to its Android 5.0 that will make it the best mobile development solution in the world, even better than iOS development. Just like it usually does. What do you think? Or what would you like to see in Android Key Lime Pie?

AuthorBio: This is a guest post written by Katherine from Intellectsoft, an advanced iOS development company. I am a big fan of mobile technologies and all new gadgets in the world. If you want to find out more about the team I work with, follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft