Month: March 2012

Cheap Flights Phishing Scam

There’s an email claiming to offer cheap flights just in time for spring break. The link inside the email redirects users to a malicious web site that steals personal identifiable information to be used for illegal activities including, but not limited to identity theft. The web site may contain embedded code that installs a Trojan without the user’s knowledge or consent. Many of these drive-by infections install bogus (rogue) security programs that report false threats on a computer. This is a popular scam to get people to pay for the full license of the fake security program in order to remove the false threats. Actual Email If you receive an email like the one above, you should mark as spam and delete it. Don’t click on any links inside the email or you will put yourself at risk of infecting your computer. The domain is listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services. The domain also has a poor reputation by the Web of Trust community. To view the score card rating details at WOT, visit the link below....

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Facebook New Timeline Format Guide

In less than 5 days, Facebook, the popular social network is offering a new Timeline format for its users. If you’re unsure what to do, you can read the Timeline guide to get you started before the change is made by Facebook. This guide explains the changes in detail and it will help you make sure that your existing Fan Pages will be ready for the changeover on March 31st. To view the PDF, you will need Adobe Reader which you can download here for free. Once you have Adobe Reader installed, you can now download the Facebook Timeline for Pages Guide. This guide is free and it will help save you time and hassle. This guide was provided by Ben Cope (The Internet...

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Will The Google AR Glasses Be Cool Or Not?

With the recent announcement that Google will indeed be releasing HUD glasses equipped with augmented reality functions by the end of the year, the question we must now ask ourselves is whether or not anyone will want to wear these things. It’s hard to predict, as augmented reality itself has proven to be a mysterious and unpredictable force on the market, with some industries, like sports entertainment, marketing, and amusement parks, quicker to adopt than others. Google is saying the glasses will essentially fulfill the same function as the smartphone, providing Internet connectivity, GPS navigation, transparent AMOLED display and a wide array of real-time applications that could turn a downtown intersection into a circus of digital overlays and advertisements. Yet, at the same time Google—perhaps anticipating the debate over the glasses’ stylistic presence and usefulness—is cautioning that they’re not intending the glasses to be warn at all times. For reasons of comfort, network restrictions, battery life, and data storage, the glasses may not immediately lend themselves to highly integrated networks like an atca platform or VoiP services. Therefore, you probably won’t be finding too many people who live every waking moment attached to their Google glasses. So if they’re not to be worn all the time, but they’re to act as stand-ins for our smartphones, when exactly will we be using the Google glasses? At stoplights? During a glaring...

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Malfunctioning of “Finder” Option Led to Data Loss – Here is the Solution

Mac machines are engulfed with so many advanced and interactive features that today almost all of us want to owe it. Out of its various user friendly features, one of the most appreciated one is ‘Finder’ option. Finder is used to organize almost everything on Mac, including management of all the files and folders, deletion of the stuff which we don’t want, confirmation before deletion, search for anything stored anywhere on our Mac, and many more. However, at times while dragging a file to trash or deleting it from Mac, Finder doesn’t ask for confirmation rather it simply deletes that file. Most of the times this situation leads to permanent deletion of file from Mac and to overcome such loss, we have to look for some reliable Mac file recovery software. Let us understand how malfunctioning of “Finder” option leads to permanent deletion of precious data. Suppose, you have deleted a folder which you thought was not containing some very important files from your Mac; but after deletion you realized that it was containing one important doc file. However, you were not too stressed as you had hoped to have the deleted folder in trash. But, to your dismay, that folder was not there in the trash even, which means it was deleted completely from your machine. Since, you needed the doc file badly thus, this situation calls for...

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ACTA is a Bad Way to Develop Internet Policy

ACTA (“Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”) is a proposed new international law establishing international enforcement standards against counterfeit goods and pirated intellectual property items. ACTA was negotiated as a “trade agreement” which means that it was negotiated in private without open involvement of all the stakeholders. There has been no formal opportunity for input from people other than those who were lucky enough to be invited into the private discussions. This is a bad way to build Internet policy. The Internet is a fundamental platform for communication and interaction. There are many stakeholders. The voices of human empowerment, human rights, and competing economic interests must be heard. These voices must have a place at the table when policy is debated. ACTA was not created through such a process. Here are some examples of of how closed the ACTA negotiation process has been: Try to find the notice EU Notice regarding ACTA being “ready” for signing: Hint: it’s 2 paragraphs on page 43 of a document titled Agriculture and Fisheries; General Secretariat of the EU denies access to ACTA documents; Access to ACTA documents denied again, this time to Dutch foundation Vrijschrift; In the US, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Public Knowledge filed suit demanding that background documents on ACTA be disclosed, but dropped the suit in 2009 when it became clear there was little chance of success. ACTA is extremely controversial....

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