Month: October 2011

Consider Speed over Price When Choosing an Internet Connection

Personally, I spend an average of 7-8 hours online everyday and within this period I do a lot of thing, ranging from working on my online business to chatting with friends. I’m not alone when it comes to this, and a lot of people spend even more time online every day. The fact these days is that the average internet user spends at least 5 hours online every single day, mostly on Facebook and or other social networking sites. We all do a lot of things online every day, ranging from chatting with friends and family members from other parts of the world, to using multimedia and doing some other important tasks. To really enjoy the internet, we need speed! A lot of people make the mistake of choosing an internet connection due to the price even if it doesn’t have the kind of speed they want, and this article will be giving you a few reasons why you should consider speed over price when choosing an internet connection. The Internet is Evolving Continually If you could just think about the state of the internet some 10 years back, you will notice that pretty much any internet connection available in the world today can be used to access the internet effectively. Dial up was the norm then, and a lot of people were comfortable using it. Over time, the...

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Black Friday Best LCD HDTV Deals

The biggest shopping day of the year is less than a month away and retailers are serving up deals that are steals on a variety of electronics. If you held off this long buying a LCD HDTV, now is the perfect time to make that investment. Last year, 42-inch LCD HDTVs were priced at around $499 to $799 and these same TV’s will sell between $299 and $599 depending on make and specifications. In order to find these great deals, you will need to really be on your best game by shopping all competitors online. Most of the best deals will be online and in some cases, stores will also offer some aggressive savings, but supplies may be limited so don’t wait until the last minute or you may get shut out. What should you look for in a 42-inch LCD HDTV? I listed four of the most important features that consumers should look for when purchasing a new LCD HDTV. 1080P display – Provides the highest quality progressive-scan picture possible from a high-definition source Inputs – at least 1 A/V input, 2 to 3 HDMI ports, 1 PC audio input, 1 USB 2.0 port, and 1 PC port 120Hz refresh rate Aspect Ratio 4:3 and 16:9 These are the most important specifications and features your HDTV should have to truly enjoy the quality and the ability to hook...

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Southwest Airlines Free Ticket Scam

There’s an email (spam) purporting to be from Southwest Airlines, claiming to giveaway free airline tickets. This site is not connected in any way with Southwest Airlines. In order to receive these so-called free tickets, you must complete a number of purchases and applications, and like all scams, good luck in receiving any airline tickets. This is a data mining operation using the name of a reliable and trusted airline to gain your trust. Read the terms and conditions BEFORE entering any personally identifiable information–you will be amazed at the long list of requirements, including applying for credit cards, applying for credit reports, and the like, all of which eventually cost the applicant and supply spear phishing information for the sponsor of the site. The web site ( is a scam and has a poor reputation rating from the Web of Trust community. Other illegal activity by this domain Email & Personal Data Harvesting (your data is sold to advertisers) Targeted Online Advertising: Browser Exploit, Tracking & Redirection Possible Illegal Phishing/ID Theft Scams (associated sites). If you receive any email as described above, you should delete it immediately and take no other action. Do not become their next victim. The current website is not reachable, but don’t be fooled, these scammers will launch a new campaign pointing at a new...

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Hottest Hot Spots for TV Watching

With all the great mobile units on the market and the number of content providers streaming information out to the internet, it would seem there shouldn’t be anywhere in the world where a TV cannot be viewed. Unfortunately, with the number of Wi-Fi spots where you can make a connection to the internet, they are not all created equal. For the most part, the strength of any internet connection will be determined by your proximity to the Wi-Fi hub as well as the size of the broadband connection. Look at the broadband as being multi-lane road on which many different vehicles travel. Some take up more room than others and some move slower when they are looking for places to go. When visitors sign on to a Wi-Fi network some are going to be searching for information, often running slower than the ones that know exactly where they are going. There may also be some construction vehicles in the way, slowing things down considerably and the occasional accident (hackers) can bring the entire thing to a grinding halt. Since most Wi-Fi hotspots depend on wireless technology, the spot that could provide excellent connectivity one day could be running slower the next. The strength of any online connection will also vary based on the carrier that provides the wireless connection in that area. If you have ever experienced dropped calls...

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iPad 2: WiFi or 3G?

As more and more of us are tempted into picking up a tablet PC, we’re faced with a whole stack of options. If you’re an Apple fan of course, it’s a simple decision – you’re going to want an iPad. But unfortunately it’s not that simple; do you go for the 3G iPad, or the Wi-Fi only version? It’s possible the Wi-Fi version is for you – but frankly, it’s not likely. The only reason we can see for buying the Wi-Fi only iPad 2 is a lack of funds. Its American launch retail price was just over $100 dollars cheaper than the 3G version on the 16GB versions, crucially putting it just under the $500 price point. But if you can stretch to the extra few dollars (really, beg or borrow it) you’re going to get a whole lot more for your money. Of course, most of the hardware itself is exactly the same. Either way you’re getting a 10-inch touchscreen device with 512MB of RAM powered by a 1GHz processor. Bringing you all the goodness of Apple’s intuitive and highly polished internet experience, with iTunes in full force alongside the now legendary App Store. You can get online anywhere that has Wi-Fi, from home or work to a café or train. But if you’re on the Wi-Fi version, unfortunately that’s where it ends. Those few extra dollars...

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