Month: September 2011

Beware of the Free Dell Studio XPS Giveaway Scam

I published an article about this same scam back in July 2010, and once again this scam is being distributed, but with a slight change. Once you enter the page by clicking on the link in the email, you need to answer 4 questions in order to qualify for a Free Dell Studio XPS 17. Once you answer correctly, you’re taken to a page where you need to enter personal information in order to receive your free Dell laptop. If it’s too good to be true, it is more than likely a scam and this one is. Thanks to my friend Susie over at COFR who forwarded this over to me to review. I noticed that I also received an email about this same offer. The site is not affiliated with Dell. If you receive an email with the subject line “Test and Keep a New Dell Laptop” you should delete it immediately. The website is a fake survey site to phish personal information from recipients. The scammers may harvest enough information to steal their victim’s identity. If you visit the phishing website and you try to leave the site, you will get a pop-up message that says “WAIT! Before you leave, CLICK or CANCEL for a chance to win other free offers!” The web site has not yet been rated and only because the scammers constantly launch...

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The Perfect Crime

Your location is now known by your friends and family thanks to the service by Foursquare. This would be the perfect time for a former friend to take revenge against you. This so-called friend you pissed off now wants harm done to you like their worst enemy. The prefect crime is about to unfold. You actively provide updates of your whereabouts and most of your friends and or family members know your living arrangements. You’re single, living alone and you have a decent amount of valuables sitting at home. You’re out and you update your status – checking into a movie theater at location X. The movie is known along with its duration and location. The person who is out to get back at you also knows where you are and for how long. You arrive home and discover that you’ve been burglarized. Your first thought is to call the police, friends and family. You even take it further and post the update on Facebook. The friend or family member who committed the crime also knows what course of action you’ve taken. By now you might have called that same person who just robbed you. They will react in your favor by masking any guilt. If you think for a second that this would never happen to you, think again. I can recall many friends in my life that...

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Online Senior Dating Scams – How Insulting

It is bad enough to receive spam, but this is a little insulting when you receive an email about an online senior dating site. I have received at least one per day asking me to sign up and connect with grannies online. I guess the spammer or marketing company just sends this garbage out to anyone without specifying a demographic. There are two web sites that are promoting their scam and both have poor reputations on “Web of Trust”. These sites are listed as spam and phishing. These sites ( and are both considered dangerous and you should never share any personal information with them. These are Nigerian scam sites! Both sites collect personal information and share that information with other 3rd party marketers and or use the information for other illegal online activities, but they sure spam the heck out of me. Feedback from customers The is a scam according the feedback on mywot. The initial contacts or so-called romances are all from Nigerian people. Photos were taken from a modeling site, the name and info belonged to someone else. I was taken for $4000. Check out the site “Internet Love Scams” and you will see what I mean. ” Feedback on – This site makes it very difficult to cancel membership – both paid and at the unpaid levels. Read their terms and conditions...

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Home Depot Gift Card Scam

There’s an email going around in bulk purporting to be from Home Depot, claiming to offer a $500 gift card from Home Depot just for providing your email. This is a scam and the senders address is not from Home Depot as shown below in the actual email sent. The spam email is sent in bulk to try to get recipients (users) to provide personal information. You should avoid sharing any information with these so-called gift card scams as these people will sell your information to other 3rd party marketers and or use it for unlawful online activity. The link inside the email goes to which has a poor reputation rating on WOT. Actual Email Subject: 1000 Home Depot Card From: Customer-Service (actual email is from It’s scary to think that these email campaigns are coming from a marketing firm who is doing more harm than good by not following CAN-SPAM rules and other online best...

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Citizen Bank Phishing Scam

There’s an email purporting to be form Citizen Bank, claiming that due to numerous incorrect login attempts, your online account might be restricted. If your account is restricted you will no longer be able to withdraw funds, but you can make payments. This is a phishing scam out to steal personal information from recipients who received this email. The web site is a fake and uses content, logos and other creative’s to mimic the legitimate Citizen Bank web site. The site is currently blocked by most corporate firewalls and has a poor reputation on Web of Trust (WOT). The link in the email looks as though it goes to the actual Citizen Bank web site, but instead it goes to The site is a forgery and should be removed from Google’s index. Actual Email If you receive an email like the one above, mark as spam and delete...

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