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  • Fedora Core 10 Review, Part 2

    Fedora Core 10 Review, Part 2

    I am a Redhat Certified Technician (RHCT),  so naturally I do like the Fedora distributions. The last couple Fedora releases have little bit of a let down, slow and buggy. This caused me to convert […]

  • Check Your Spelling in Any Application

    Check Your Spelling in Any Application

    We all make spelling mistakes and sometimes we regret not checking before sending an email or publishing a blog. There are many applications that don’t include a spell checker and you don’t want to launch […]

  • Venus Ushers in the New Year

    Venus will lead a planetary parade that ushers in a new year. To locate Venus stare high above the southwestern horizon at nightfall where the brightest planet can be seen clearly. You will be able […]

  • Handbrake for Video Conversions

    Handbrake for Video Conversions

    I was looking for an application to change my video files into different formats for all of my media players and I found Handbrake. HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for […]

  • Yahoo Goes Offline

    Yahoo Goes Offline

    At around 11:28 AM CST Yahoo was offline. As I write this blog Yahoo is still offline. How can such a company like Yahoo go offline ever? We were able to access Google, ESPN, and […]