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  • PETA Getting Bad Press

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with more than 2.0 million members and supporters has been creating a lot of bad press. I know that TechJaws is a tech blog, but I had […]

  • Hi Tech Music Not Of This Earth

    Hi Tech Music Not Of This Earth

    There are many great rockers and guitar virtuosos, but there’s one man that is far more superior and dubbed “Not Of This Earth”. Joe Satriani is a technological guitar virtuoso that is awe inspiring. The […]

  • Newspaper Industry is to Blame

    Newspaper Industry is to Blame

    Many of the newspaper companies are cutting jobs due to the downward spiral of newspaper sales. The internet may be the leading cause of this collapse, but there’s also another side of this story that […]

  • It’s all in the Content

    It’s all in the Content

    In order to create a buzz with your blog you have sometimes be controversial. There are many people who just love to debate over a story that causes a stir, but this is a good […]

  • Not all Geeks are Wimps

    Not all Geeks are Wimps

    During my entire career I have always been labeled as Napoleon with any group I worked with. It was probably my aggressive approach and the need to succeed. My colleagues just never got the concept […]

  • Comcast Flexing Muscle Again

    Comcast will put a cap on all customers’ internet usage on October 1st, 2008. Customers will have a 250 GB data monthly cap. 250 GB is a lot of data transfer considering the average customer […]

  • Steve Jobs Reported Dead

    Bloomberg News goofed by accidentally published an incomplete version of Steve Jobs obituary over its wire service. This gave many Apple fans and investors a huge scare late yesterday. The service quickly retracted the release, […]