The internet is changing every day; people are no longer happy with text-based post alone. Attention spans are dwindling and people want quick updates and bite-sized text insets, with lots of imagery. Enter infographics and other data visualizations. The average blogger may feel a little flummoxed at this trend, but there’s no worry. Here are 15 free data visualization apps to create those graphs!Visualize Free

1. LovelyCharts

This app is a diagramming application using which you can create professional-looking diagrams of various kinds. Whether you want flowcharts, business processes, sitemaps, mockup wireframes or organization charts, this is the tool for you. Ordinarily, you’d have to use multiple tools to create the variety of diagrams you can create using this one tool.

2. StarPlanet

You can use StarPlanet to create and customize interactive maps and use them to create feature-rich infographics. StarPlanet includes maps of the World and USA, along with a Flash template to create your own Flash maps. StarPlanet is used by several top companies in the world for their data visualization projects.

3. Tableau Public

Use this data visualization tool to create interactive diagrams and embed them in your site. It takes only a few minutes to visualize, create, embed and share, all with just one tool. The Tableau Public site offers a gallery of ideas from other users along with their visualization projects, in case you need inspiration.

4. Inkscape

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor, comparable to CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or Xara X. This tool uses the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. If you’re familiar with SVG features such as alpha blending, markers and clones, you’ll love this tool. You can do everything with this tool from editing nodes to performing complex path operations to tracing bitmaps.

5. Visualize Free

With this tool, you can visually explore and present your data with an ease that you won’t experience with any standard tool from MS Office. You can perform all your visual analysis tasks using this tool, such as spotting trends by sifting through multi-dimensional data. You can dice and slice data using easy point-and-click methods.

6. Tagxedo

You can take any number of words, say from a famous poem or a speech, and turn it into a visually stunning word cloud. All the words will be sized correctly to highlight how often they occur within the text body. You can create magnificent visualization drawings using this tool to create a lasting impact.

7. allows you to search for web-based infographics and stocks a huge number of infographics and diagrams from various kinds of organizations. While these two aspects are great, what’s fabulous is that is a web-based platform using which you can create your own infographics without any kind of prior graphic design experience.


Use to create, embed, email and share beautiful mind maps. Do your online brainstorming; share your graphs with friends, and save your graph in multiple formats. This one tool is sufficient to handle multiple tasks for which you would otherwise be using multiple tools.

9. ChartGizmo

Use this tool to create multiple varieties of charts of your site, ranging from financial charts, scientific charts, infographics and much more. Input your data and transform it dynamically from static text to a beautiful chart. You can place the chart on your site in minutes as well.

10. BarChart

You can choose different image sizes, fonts, colors and so on. Once your data values are entered, you can export your bar chart in the .png format and embed it in your website. Who need MS Excel?

11. AmCharts

To begin with, this tool can create dynamic Flash charts from static data in any CSV or XML file. Plus, it can read dynamic data generated using Java and .net among others to create Flash charts.

12. OnlineChartTool

You can choose your preferred chart type from 10 different chart types. All you do is add your values, create and customize the label and fonts and review your graph. You can save your graph under multiple formats and share it with your friends.

13. ChartGo

Use this tool to create bar charts, pie charts, line charts among others. Keep your chart values ready and paste them in the chart data area on the tool to generate the chart. Then press Create Chart and your chart is ready.

14. Create A Graph

You can create five kinds of graph types, along with 3D graphs as well, which have great appeal on a blog. You can customize your graph fonts and colors in any number of ways and save your graph in one of 6 allowed graphic formats.

15. Google FusionCharts Gadget

You can create animated flash graphs and charts, such as inventory charts, sales charts, weight charts and so on. What’s best is you get all of Google’s famed design superiority in your charts and graphs, all for free.

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