13 Most Important Changes In Google Search In April

by on 05/08/2013 in Google, SEO

The largest search engine cheered up after the winter hibernation and presented a number of improvements in its search services. Only in April, 53 changes in the work of search engine were introduced. Here are the main changes of Google.13 Most Important Changes In Google Search In April

  1. The search engine index increased by 15%. At the same time another level of the index which is designed to provide a greater variety of relevant answers for the search queries was introduced.
  2. The algorithm of detection of pages overspammed with keywords was modified. Now Google will like readable content with minimal occurrence of key phrases in additional areas and on the page in general.
  3. The number of web projects presented at the first pages of the search results for different key words has become different. Very small sites that are optimized for less competitive word anchors have got a real chance to reach the top surpassing the major portals.
  4. Some innovations were made in Sitelinks. They relate to improving the ranking system of links and to more correct display of snippets.
  5. Search by region was improved.
  6. Search engine can now determine the geographical origin of not only the whole site, but also of its individual pages.
  7. The language in which the user enters a query now will be especially important for some types of queries.
  8. Now, if the beginning of the text is relevant to queries it will be displayed exactly as a snippet in the search results. Otherwise, it will show description of the page that was specified in the meta description.
  9. The Freshness algorithm issuing the latest information was improved. Now, according to the promises of its developers, in recent reports low-quality and non-relevant content will not be shown.
  10. In order to match the search results of user queries more closely, the Google search engine will use the data of previous queries of the users.
  11. An improved algorithm for page headers in snippets was introduced. Now they will be more informative.
  12. The function of words auto-replacement in which the user made a mistake was complemented with a base of 60 languages. Now, even the long queries containing more than 10 words will be checked for errors and automatically adjusted by Google.
  13. Also some information is received that the algorithm of incoming links to a website analysis has undergone a dramatic change. Google has become better in distinguishing and ignoring spam links, as well as it has reduced the rate on the links from the sites of other topics.

These are a small part of all changes that Google has made. And it is only a beginning. Google’s team is working hard to deliver the most relevant search results and to make the life of web masters harder. So, stay tuned and don’t allow your competitors to overcome you!

Author Bio: This post is written by Kate Merzlova, a tech writer from Intellectsoft, a team of professionals delivering high quality iPhone application development services. Follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft.

4 Responses to “13 Most Important Changes In Google Search In April”

  1. Karen Walters

    May 15th, 2013

    Such changes in google search will definitely affect the ranking of wesites and blogs. Now it’s tough time for spammers and the websites whose backlinks are from low quality sites.

  2. Yearbook Company

    May 20th, 2013

    Watch out for the new Google Penguin update, social content marketing will be the only way to the top spot. If you are acquiring paid links your website is in danger. Google is manually penalizing even big brands.

  3. simon

    May 21st, 2013

    Big changes are coming from Google in the next few months, according to Matt cutts. Watch this space.

  4. seo services

    Jun 6th, 2013

    There is great blog post regarding to Google update. Thanks for this blog post it’s inform to us because really changes in google search will definitely affect the ranking of wesites and blogs, then seo marketing will be the only way to the top spot.