Today in our digital age, the greatest asset that one can have in getting a job is a basic understanding of programming. Basically, it is a lexicon that lets you interact with a computer as you edit and instruct the computer to what you want it to do. Most high-paying jobs nowadays need you to at least know what a programing language is, and why it is essential. So here are the 10 most popular programming lingo’s being used today:

  1.    Java – Is one of the most fundamental programming languages that you can encounter today. Java is actually the language behind most Android apps and games. This is the reason why it is well-known to game experts and app developers today.
  2.    PHP – This is the open-source code that provides the core programming in making data-heavy websites and apps. By the way, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and it also easy for users to learn. This is simply a must-know for neophyte website makers and web managers.
  3.    SQL – This database language is ideal when programmers must deal with siphoning data from massive databases. Nearly all apps contain a back-end database, and SQL is the language that allows the user to interact with it. If you need some help with SQL, a great company that can you is Active Wizards. They are great with SQL.
  4.    JavaScript – Not to be confused with Java, this platform is quite different from the later. This is another popular language for programmers because it is in common use on the web. JavaScript allows web developers to add interactive elements on their website.
  5.    C# – A language that is most commonly used in Microsoft apps. Pronounced as C-sharp, it is not as popular as Java in terms of app development, but it is very similar to Java. So if an expert is competent in Java, he can easily switch to C# if he chooses to.
  6.    C – A database builder that is usually used in a UNIX-system computer, but C is drasically different from C#. It originally was a procedural language that was developed in 1973.
  7.    C++ – This was intended to be an update to the C program. It has a wide array of applications in games and office apps because it has a faster interface than the newer languages.
  8.    VB (Visual Basic) – This platform was created by Microsoft Corporation. Largely used on Windows software, you will not find these codes in any other operating systems or gadgets.
  9.    Go – A recent system lingo that was made by Google. Its language has been steadily rising in popularity due to its simplicity and high performance. This program is great for making applications and databases.
  10.  Swift – Another new database that recently came out. This is largely used for the IOs, MacOS, tvOS and WatchOS. Many programmers are now using this platform for making their Apps.

Those are the top used programming languages all around the globe. There are still a lot of others out there, but most are not widely used, or only a niche of experts utilizes them. But in the modern global market, information is very important. And the more you know, the more equipped you are.