Move Users From One Domain to Another Office 365 : Quick Solution

by on 09/21/2017 in Cloud Computing, Email, Microsoft

Move Users From One Domain to Another Office 365 : Quick Solution

“I am the system administrator in the firm, assigned with a nightmare task by my boss. Coming directly to the point then, I have to move users from one domain to another Office 365. Nowadays, every day-and-night I am searching solution for it. Please, someone, assist me in same!” There are several Exchange Online users […]

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5 Factors That Can Affect the Performance of an Android App

by on 09/18/2017 in Android, Apps

Mobile app development is a lot different from desktop website development. While the desktop users almost always have access to high-speed internet and interact with the UI using a mouse, the mobile users don’t always have unlimited bandwidth and they use fingers while using an app. Android is the leading mobile OS right now, thus, […]

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How to Avoid Phone Bill Shock When Traveling Abroad

by on 09/11/2017 in Cell Phones

If you haven’t traveled abroad before, one thing that demands your attention is how you intend to communicate – and get around – while you’re away. Talking, texting, accessing social media, and using turn-by-turn GPS navigation may cost you little when you’re at home, but overseas, it could cost you a fortune. That is, if […]

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Why Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud

by on 09/08/2017 in Business, Cloud Computing

In a crowded marketplace full of older and more established competitors, a small business has to be able to turn on a dime to be faster and better in order to have a hope of survival. In many cases, this means small businesses must be on the bleeding edge of technology, becoming early adopters of […]

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Redefine Your Business with the Latest Technologies

by on 08/30/2017 in Business

The digital signage is the most recent invention of modern technology which has managed to provide the world of business a new dimension regarding marketing. With the help of this unique facility you can increase the number of your clients, save the printing costs, incorporate a level of energy to your business and last but […]

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Data Protection – Protecting Yourself Beyond the Computer Screen

by on 08/25/2017 in Security, Security Info & Tips

The internet provides us with an unprecedented level of convenience. From the tasks like checking emails and chatting on social media to shopping and even running a business, internet users can complete a plethora of actions from virtually anywhere. This convenience has been heightened by the invention of smartphones and mobile devices, whereby users can […]

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Do I Hire an In-House DBA or Remote WordPress Database Consulting Firm?

by on 08/23/2017 in Business, Web Development, WordPress

If you’re reading this, you probably own a business or are tasked with running one, and you are concerned about your WordPress database because you do not have a database administrator (DBA). This is a common problem among business owners and managers. Consequently, well-trained, highly experienced DBA professionals are in demand and are therefore costly. […]

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