Finding the Best Internet Provider

by on 10/21/2016 in Internet, Internet Providers

When you are searching for the best internet provider in your area, you need to look for a few things. First of all, some of them offer deals for installation. For example, Suddenlink Internet currently offers free installation for customers who order online. Let’s get to finding the best internet provider! Differing Types of Service […]

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One Click Podcast Publishing Tool

by on 10/19/2016 in Apps, Business, Smartphones

Now that nearly everyone owns a smartphone, finding, listening and recording audios is easier than ever before. The rise of podcasts and podcasting apps have given us the power to share ideas, stories and information with listeners from around the world. Here’s a little more information before we introduce to you the one click podcast […]

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Top Seven Apps for Traveling Creative Professionals

by on 10/18/2016 in Apps, Business

Technology continues to power the transition from traditional employment to remote work settings. More and more professionals are opting for work-from-anywhere jobs, and the wide selection of communication and collaboration digital tools continually pushes this trend forward. Creative professional that don’t need a permanent office have the ability to travel around the world and work […]

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Digital Resources that Make Life Easier for Parents

by on 10/11/2016 in Community

The biggest juggling act of all: being a parent in the modern world. Here’s a list of Digital Resources that Make Life Easier for Parents. Finding the time and patience to successfully lead both professional and family life is not easy. Nowadays, family units are smaller, social networks of friends and neighbors are often less […]

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FloQast – The Accountant’s Dream

by on 10/05/2016 in Business, Software

The role of accountants is evolving and the simple bean counter is dead or dying. Accountants are now called on to do far more than their regular duties; they are also expected to educate clients and provide solid, data-driven business advice. The changing role of accountants has been driven by changing expectations of clients. As […]

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Creating Benchmark with eCommerce Marketplace App

by on 09/29/2016 in Apps, Social Media

You need only to look at one statistic for appreciating the massive market mobile e-commerce has become. During last year, Mobile Commerce contributed to almost 30% of all US e-commerce sales. Now let’s get to creating benchmark with eCommerce marketplace app. Naturally, when Emeka Anen, the founder of Throne dreamed of creating an e-commerce community […]

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Best iPhone Backup Strategies

by on 08/05/2016 in Apple, Data Backup, iPhone

Summary: The post highlights various best iPhone backup strategies against deletion of files from the iPhone device. It also explains how to recover iPhone data in case it gets deleted from iCloud and iPhone backup files. A stringent backup strategy must be followed to protect and maintain the security of data, irrespective of the smart […]

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